Thursday, May 28, 2009

If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong. ~Pat Parelli

And summer is finally here! The kids are now telling me they don't need to go to bed cuz its not dark time. Which really lately doesn't even matter cuz we have been pretty busy. Chris had softball on Tuesday so the kids watched one game while I worked then I picked them up while Chris played his second game. Yesterday the kids and I went to a baby shower. While we were there the kids helped Justin landscape their yard and they didn't get to bed about 9:30. Today Zoey's class had a pizza party at the park. She was actually sleeping when I went to pick her up and she finished her nap in the car on the way home! Later we met up with some friends to ride horses. Well not me, I just wanted the kids to learn and feel comfortable around the animals. They each had a turn on the horse. We watched J.O. rope steers for a while. The kids got to take turns letting the steers out to be roped not to mention climbing on round bales and feeding the horses from their hand. They had a good time. Its been sunny and in the 80's here. Seems that everyone in town has lilacs which are in bloom and smell great where ever we go. Did I mention that I even have one in bloom?! Apparently we got one with the house in addition to the three we planted a couple of weeks ago.

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peggles said...

aahhh! lilacs! i love the smell and feel and look of lilacs, too! most of them have already come and gone around here, but ours in our yard is just about to bloom (it is late every year and we do not know why, but it's great, cuz it just prolongs the lilac time!)