Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bless this house with love & laughter

Happy Mom's Day to all my MOMs!! The kids made cards and are in the mail.
I had a good mother's day. It was kinda drug out all week. I started with flowers made at sunday school from both the kids. They cut out the flowers and put them in a vase made from a soup can and they colored something mom likes on it. Zoey was the first to answer-her teacher says. "My mom likes to ride hippos!" And so she drew a hippopotomus on her vase. Ike drew flowers. May be I do like to ride hippos, but to the best of my knowledge I have not actually tried it yet so I am pretty unsure about the whole idea. Thursday Isaac brought home his silouette. I was so frustrated cuz he wasn't going to let me see it until mother's day. It was pretty cool! Zoey made more flowers at daycare and also a heart shaped candy basket of which I didn't get much of the candy cuz the kids horked it. Saturday I got my gift from the kids and Chris cuz Chris works on Sundays. He got me two lilac bushes!! It would be so cool to cover at least one side of the chain link fence with all lilacs. We'll see. On mothers day I slept in until 8:30am! The kids gave me a card with Snoopy on it saying Thanks for all the times they forget. I put boarder up in my kitchen/dining room. It went pretty well too. The only trouble I had is the tile floor in the kitchen is slightly raised compared to the hardwood floor in the dining room so the border is totally crooked! oops. The borders says "Bless this house with Love and Laughter". After that I did some yard work. Mowed the lawn and started cleaning out what was probably the last owners garden. He threw so much junk in there thou. So we are getting a start anyway. Chris and the kids took me out to eat for supper. I kept telling Ike that he had to take me out for supper cuz it was my day and he was pretty concerned about whether or not he had enough quarters.

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Meg said...

I got lilac bushes for my birthday last year! I love them but they are still super-teeny. Also I have NO clue how to prune them.