Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes life's Hell. But hey! Whatever gets the marshmallows toasty. ~J. Andrew Helt

I am so sorry I have totally been ignoring my blog. I don't even know when I posted last.
Isaac finished up his baseball season and even played catcher (reluctantly). They had a good season. Not all that focused or anything, but I was very proud of Isaac and Chris too for taking on all those crazy kids.
We just finished up swim lessons. We had to buy Isaac (and therefore Zoey too) goggles. His eyes got really itchy, red and watery from the water and his teachers said that having the goggles actually helped him quite a bit. He can float on his own and loves diving for the rings on the bottom of the pool. Zoey can almost float by herself and loves to push off from the side. She has some difficulty putting her head under the water and blowing bubbles. She is willing to do it with equipment (goggles and those super tight nose plugs). Then every night for free time they got to go on the lily pads which was a ton of fun for them. They both passed. But I have not signed them up for more yet, because we will be on vacation next week.
We (Chris)have planned a trip back to MN for a week. We will leave Monday after Chris gets done with work. I think Tuesday we are going to the Freeborn county fair. Wednesday we are going to Valley Fair. We were planning on going up north Thursday and Friday, but those days are under scheduling construction. I will be going to the Cities Friday and Saturday tho to spend some much needed time wtih my girly friends (seriously I don't think I have seen you since 2008). Saturday Chris is going to play some paintball. If anyone has anything to add or just wants to join in--let me know.
Chris burnt his leg last week. He was putting in a dish at the Harley shop and backed into a hot bike. We didn't go to the doc, but on Thursday it was getting red and tight so I had some friends look at it. He played 24 of softball (or something like that) on it and is doing absoulutly fine. He did attend the softball tourney in Bellfoush. He left at 6:30pm on Friday night. I think they were scheduled to play their first game at 9pm. I hadn't heard from him the next morning so I called him and they had played their second game like at 6am and had another game noon. He didn't get back until 6:30pm on Saturday. They got second in the Beer division.
I have been sharing an office with Rachel Nava. She is an excellent massage therapist, but has decided to retire from that and move on to other things. So I have been deciding on if I need to find a new location or if I can handle this one all by myself. I tried to get into the Rec Center since we have been talking about that since I moved here, but if they chose to start massage it won't be until after the new year. It would have been nice to have them do all my paperwork for me, but we'll see. For now I am going to stay at the same location and possibly look for someone else to share the office with. I have been marketing like crazy. I had no idea I could be this social! Wyoming has passed licensure for athletic trainers so I had Dr. Kioshos sign for me and I spent the day with him at the clinic last week. Everyone was awesome to work with and now I have one more piece of paper to hang on my wall.
Isaac lost another tooth on Friday night before he went to bed. But I am so glad his top tooth finally came in. He looks good with teeth.
Jared and his family came out the weekend before the fourth of July. It was a short stay, but very enjoyable. We went to watch Isaac play baseball and I was surprized at how well the kids played together. I really wanted to go home for the fourth of July and was this close to doing it. My grandpa (who is like 86) celebrated his wedding reception on the fourth of July. It was supposed to be so that all the family could meet and I would have been able to see dad. But between spending $600 on my license and then realizing that we would have traveled back the same day as the party and my kids wouldn't have gotten to see fireworks--we decided against it. Instead we spent the day in Rapid doing some fun things with the kids and then Sunday we watched the fireworks here. Gillette always has good ones.
Our garden is growing. Yay. It is finally starting to get hot here. Our grass is drying up like it should have in June. Chris built the kids a new playhouse with a rope wall and a slide. We have put off redoing our roof. Not sure the expected date now, but still willing to take helpers.
Well, its sunny and hot out (may be even humid which is not normal for here) so I have to go. I might even stop at the library to see if Twilight is in yet. Seriously, I never thought I would be a fan--EVER. But I am going to have to read the books. Who knew:)

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