Monday, October 7, 2013

Give crayons. Adults are disturbingly impoverished of these magical dream sticks. ~Dr. SunWolf,

Mondays are always busy! I don't have any scheduled hours at New Therapeutic Solutions so I cram everything else in that I can. Today I dropped the kids off at school at 8:30. I don't know if that is the right time or not, but its what happened. School times changed this year and has completely thrown me off schedule and now I can never remember the time they are actually supposed to be there. So it was just me and CJ for the day. We went to the bank (since it was closed Friday and Saturday due to the snow storm). Then we headed to the rec center. I got there good and early to feed him before dropping him off in the kids zone. I always feel so guilty about leaving him there right when its his feeding time. I don't think the girls really mind feeding him, but I worry that they will get busy with other kids and I feel kinda demanding for the services they provide. After my personal training client we went to the Celebration Station to see what we could find for Ike's birthday party. Yay!! They had army stuff! Ike will be so excited. Then we headed to CJ's accupuncture appointment. He always does so good there. He just lets her put those needles in. And it has been paying off too!! His hormone levels have almost tripled, so I have high hopes that we will not have to deal with them diminishing and having to add more meds to his list. My favorite part of the day--LUNCH!!I made a cheesey casadea (ok I have no idea how to spell that)but I put some ham in it and thought it was a hot ham and cheese sandwich even though I used a tortia. It looked like a ham and cheese sandwish. However, I added some of my newly made homemade salsa. The salsa was wonderful but I guess that means it was still just a casadea and not a true sandwich I guess. After feeding CJ we dropped some paper work off at Gillette Physical Therapy. Went to CJ's dietary appointment at the hospital. I have worked with Heidi in the past and she is great. I am so glad to have her help me with Cole's transition to regular foods. I am so scared to feed him anything that I don't really think I have tried to hard to get him used to things. After dietary we went to physical therapy. This Momma wants her baby sitting by his birthday! He worked really hard today. He is such a trooper. After that we went and picked the kids up from school and made a quick stop at the hockey store to see what Zoey is going to do for hockey this year. She is super excited. She chose volleyball last year over hockey and intensly missed it. Now off to all those never ending chores like supper and laundry and general cleaning--yay!

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