Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend!

This past weekend my children stayed with the Soost Family. We had lunch with Aunt Amy, Aunt Kim, and cousin Libby on Friday. They had sleep overs with cousins Autumn, Dugan and Brooke (thankyou Kristi) and of course spent a lot of time on the farm with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Wayne. Isaac was very excited about his stay. He got to feed the pigs and cows and made friends with the puppy Chester. They went to Great Grandma Bessy's and played with even more family. Some where in there they had time for swimming and playing at the park. They were 100% worn out!! I think they slept until 6pm then I woke them up to eat supper. They were missed over the weekend and I was missed in return. I don't think I have held Isaac that much since he was baby!
I also had a fabulous weekend. I met my college friends in Winona, MN. We were able to chat and catch up on things. We went to campus and check out how things have changed. And all of this with no interruptions from the little ones. Thanks to all of our men for giving us this time, it was much needed. I have wonderful friends--Thank you for some MUCH needed girl time.

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