Monday, July 9, 2007

We Are Here

I can't believe it, we made it to Minnesota!!! Not only did we make it, but the ride was enjoyable. The kids were wonderful. Zoey was even nice enough to not tinkle in her carseat! Double bonus. We stopped in Gillette to eat at Humphrey's with some friends and spent the night at LeaAnn's house. Isaac was up all night with Kaidyn, but they really missed eachother and played well. Thanks LeaAnn for everything (she got to go to work at 5am the next morning after such a long night).

Saturday we got dressed up for my cousin Jennifer's wedding. It was fabulous. Congrats to you two. I met lots of new family members, which was fun. I will have pictures to send after I return to Montana. I didn't bring the USB cord with me. So sorry if there is picture overload when I get back. Saturday night I was going to stay at Kevin's house. Apparently he gave me excellent directions, but I got lost and spent the night at a hotel in Princeton. Isaac was very excited about it. He said "Wow, this a fancy hotel Mom!" We went to leave and our beds were not made he said "We need to clean up this mess Mom!" I had to explain to him maid service.

We found our way to Longville without getting lost. It rained the first day so the kids got to play in the mud puddles. We did a lot of fishing, some tubing and kneeboarding. Our family has grown so much, but it was good to spend time with everyone. The kids entered the turtle races. Dugan's turtle won fastest turtle. Isaac's was the fastest turtle, but stopped about an inch from the finish line and refused to go anywhere else. Zoey won slowpoke.

So after being here just over a week I am tired out!! The allergies are setting in. But I am pretty much still in denial, so I don't know if I really need to take anything.

Well, time to go as I may get to blog some as the trip goes on. And I am sure that some of this will get repeated when I post the pictures.

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