Thursday, July 26, 2007

O.K. I'm Back!

Whew! O.K. it took me a minute to get back on track, but we are ready to go now. This blog may be a bit overloaded as I never know when to stop and just keep going and going and going...

I only took 227 pictures from my trip and will add a couple to the blog. Our trip home was fine. We stopped on the side of the road several times to go potty (Wyoming and Montana just don't have one every couple of miles you know). The kids were tired of the car, but did very well.

I wanted to recap some of my trip. I had a wonderful time seeing everyone and thank you to everyone who fed us, housed us, let us stop in to rest from long car trips and of course to those who watched my kids!

Our first big event was Jennifer's wedding. It was spectacular! I also was able to see much of my family that I hadn't met yet (with weddings and births our family tree is just blossoming).
After the wedding we spent a week in Longville, MN fishing, tubing and turtle racing with Chris's family.

During the turtle races, Dugan won first with his turtle. The rest of the kids were in a seperate race. Isaac's turtle was the fastest, but stopped an inch from the finish line and Zoey's turtle won slow poke (didn't go anywhere). We stopped at Animal Land where the kids got to feed deer, donkeys, goats.

I spent a weekend in Winona for a girls weekend. We all met in college, so we went back and had a fun weekend just for us.
We ended our trip with a Rogne family reunion at my brother John's house. We played baseball and that was a lot of fun. I really wish I had taken pictures of that. The rest of my pictures will be posted at random times. But I do have some more cute pics of the kids and the blog is such an easy way to get them out without copying and sending.

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