Friday, July 20, 2007

Going on Week 3

So what does it mean when an 83 year old man helps you cheat at Kroque and still beats you by about 10 minutes! We tried to teach the kids and we had fun but were definately out played. Grandpa has been fun to hang around with. He has been playing games like Uno and Pente with Isaac. Isaac is just thrilled to have someone sit down and play with him! They are quite the pair. Zoey has warmed up to him as well, but is always intimidating to anyone she meets! He has been taking us to the park and we went to Mark and Deanna's yesterday. The kids got to see their cows, climb on the fence and Zoey got to ride one of the horses. It was only for a couple of seconds as one of the other horses spooked Zoey, but it was a ride none the less.
On Tuesday we went to the Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester. The kids had a blast.

After a picnic supper we went to watch Kyle's baseball game. Kyle is an amazing baseball player--throwing strikes when he was pitching and he played all infield possitions.

Wednesday we went to John's so the kids could play. We put up the slip and slide and the kids got all full of mud. Isaac and Kyle made a fort out of large cardboard boxes. No girls allowed of course, so they built a seperate one for the girls. We had a supper for John's belated birthday. I got to play Guitar Hero. I was surprized at how much I enjoyed it. I sucked, but the video said I Rocked!!

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