Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've fallen in love many times... always with you. ~Author Unknown

The kids had a great Valentine's Day! Each had a party at school. Zoey was to bring mini cupcakes and I didn't realize how many that makes. I made 62 cupcakes! and that was with some of them being regular size. So Isaac brought some and I brought some to work.
I was lucky enough to get a brand new dryer. I really had no idea this was on my list of things I wanted or needed so I was quite surprized! Nothing says I love you more than "Can you do at LEAST TWO loads of my laundry at a time!" I thought I was doing well with the set I had, but this apparently means not. However, the kids LOVE the box!!! They turned it into a candy shop. You can buy candy for a dollar or one penny, but it is free on tuesday and thursdays. Isaac marked the box "clos 9:00" (with the 9 backwards) because we need to know the closing time. They decorated the shop with Valentines stickers. It is very cute.
Zoey has been so cute lately singing her songs. She is still singing Holly Jolly Christmas, mostly making up her own words. When we do laundry she sings This Is How We Do the Laundry. Isaac is still learning so much and says things like "My brain told me." I am glad his brian talks to him.
Well our day is not over, we are waiting for Chris to get back from work (on a Saturday of all days) to go out to eat and possibly take the kids bowling.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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