Thursday, February 12, 2009

What the world really needs is more love and less paper work. ~Pearl Bailey

I feel I should blog, but not much new here. The weather does not know what to do, so sometimes cold and snowy sometimes warm and sunny. Its hard to keep the kids dressed appropriately for outdoors. We are finished with ice skating and the kids loved it! I didn't sign them up for more lessons I think we will just wait for soccer season. I think they would like to try that too, but if spring in WY is going to be anything like the last two springs in MT I'd rather stay home. I don't enjoy sitting out in bad weather when I could be inside my cozy house.
This week has brought Valentine's Day. Tuesday we put together our valentine's. The kids did them all by themselves and was very stress free this year. I did insert the stickers Zoey is giving, but she seperated them all out herself and wrote her name on them and sealed them with a heart sticker all by herself. Last night we made mini cupcakes for her class. I do enjoy making cupcakes with my kids. Her party is today. Isaac's is tomorrow. No big V-Day plans yet.

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