Monday, July 6, 2009

My Husband Says He's Broke--Can You Fix Him?

O.K I kinda have a lot of catching up to do. May be some splanin, but here it is.
Chris planned a vacation to MN. I didn't know I was going to get the chance to come with him until the last minute. So if I missed you that would be why. I was on his iterary and mostly just along for the ride.
We played some paintball and visited some the first days we were there. I didn't take many pics until the last days of vacation. Probably should have gotten some paintball pics. We went to Iowa on Sunday and drove to Garrison from there. Fishing was cold and windy the first days. I honestly don't remember the misquitos being nearly big enough to carry Zoey away. Guess I have been away for too long.
We spent a day up in Longville to fish on Little Boy Lake.
Yeah, I don't know what's under there either.

This was not the BIG fish!

We did some Turtle Racing and yes it was a huge fiasco like before. I went out with two kids and found out that I cannot handle putting numbers on two turtles at the same time. So I set Isaac's down (he didn't want to hold it) and Ike chased it around the ring. While I was getting Zoey's number, her turtle scratched her and she dropped it on his poor little head. He should have ducked. This was the first warm sunny day and we totally enjoyed ice cream from Frosty's.

Honestly, we had a better place for him to sleep. I promise! But he loves to sleep in the chair. We moved him during the night, but he still ends up here.

I LOVE MY uncle Aaron. " We don't fight. We love eachother."

Ike and Papa
That sunburn looks like it hurts.

Lets go watch a Twins game!

We got our faces painted for the occasion.

Trainer! Trainer! What would the team do without their Certified Athletic Trainer?

Short Stop

Go Twinkies! But we have a lot of traveling left could you please do it in under 16 innings? We left after the 10th inning, but had we stayed we totally would have gotten our money's worth. Almost two games for the price of one.

One minute my kids were running through the sprinklers in the back yard and the next minute it was heavy rain and some hail. Who woulda thought?
So why were we in the house before the hail started? My kids put the sprinkler under the climbing dome and started climbing. Yes, I was aware of this. Well, it was slippery and Ike fell and hit one of the bars on the way down with his head. He had an instant concussion. It wasn't bad, but we had a calm afternoon. At bed time his headache got worse and he came upstairs complaining of nausia. Once he threw up we decided to go to the ER. They gave him some tylonal and meds for nausia. I swear we waited forever-but I was home in less than two hours from the time he vomited! He has zero symptoms today and it is very difficult to get a 6 year old boy to lay down all day when he thinks he is just fine.

I made a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars yesterday also. Who needs a spoon to clean out the bowl when your tonge works just fine?!

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