Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't forget to swing hard, in case you hit the ball. ~Woodie Held

And we are at it again:) Last week the kids went to a free summer program and made new friends. Isaac had four baseball games. This week Isaac started Enrichment. He is taking Books and Cooks, Team Sports (a week of football and a week of basketball), design build and sculpt, and my 5 sences. He has been riding the bus (just because he likes to). Chris thinks its strange that Isaac and Zoey spend the day only a few blocks apart from eachother and Isaac takes the bus and Zoey gets a ride from me. It is strange, but makes everyone happy so we just go with it:) Isaac did miss a day due to throwing up on the bus, however. But he is doing great now. Even played baseball in the rain tonight. It is great to watch him! He still needs to work on his skills, but he is so happy to be out there. Most of the time he is ready for the ball and has his glove up and a smile on his face. Its great--even in the rain:)

Pretty sure our trip to Minnesota can't come fast enough. Dates are still not set in stone, as we are still figuring out how and when to get both vehicles to Minnesota. I'll let you know when I know:)

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