Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. ~Author Unknown

St. Patty's day was quite a day. We didn't notice any shenanigans in the morning, but when we all got home--those silly leprechauns seemed to have had fun in the house. Very tiny green footprints running on the kitchen sink and the bathtub, green toilet water, green milk and some things got switched in the kids room. They couldn't believe it. We had corned beef and cabbage for supper made in the crock pot. Apparently the corned beef comes with seasoning. Chris let me know this as he fished the packet out of the crock pot. So when we got home Zoey thew a fit about the stinky cabbage and cried about the green milk. I don't believe that we have a St. Patty's Day parade here and for some reason this year I really missed the one in St. Paul. I had so much fun the last time I went!!!
Chris is now a level 4 Dish Tech. This is the top level and a higher level than he has been before.
Tonight we went to Humphrey's for supper. Zoey needed to use the restroom, so I took her. The music was kinda loud in there, but Zoey says "There's no music in here Mom." So I am like-whatever and say " Well, I guess I have music in my head." To which she replies " Mom can you quiet down your brain?" You know I can't win for losing.
Isaac had his first soccer practice tonight. It was so good. The weather was nice today, so it was great for playing some soccer. Isaac knows his coach because she teaches at school, his classmates are on his team and it appeared that he will be much better (or at least enjoy) soccer better than ice skating. We are the red team and the kids got to name their team. They chose the Flaming Red Dragons. It was nice that I knew some of the moms. I am bad at intros so I don't know all their names yet, even though we all hang out on the south side of the building hiding from the wind, waiting for our kids everyday. Its still Isaac's mom, Wyatt's mom, Justice's mom. We'll get there. Spring is a great time to get to know people, cuz we all have a bit of cabin fever. Zoey doesn't have practice until next week. We'll see how the weather is then. I hear random stories of another snow storm blowing in--so I haven't checked the weather.

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