Monday, March 30, 2009

A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together! ~Author Unknown

This was a common site over the past few days. We played a lot of one fish, two fish, red fish, go fish and old maid and memory.

I have to admit, most days are somewhat monotenous. I get the kids ready for school and I go to work. We get home for the day, have supper, may be a bath, read a book and to bed we go just to start the process over again. I like to blog, but most times nothing out of this routine happens and I struggle for anything you all might be interested in. The past 7 days, however, we have not used that particular routine. It took about three days to get Gillette dug out from the Blizzard. Isaac did have two days of school last week, but it did snow on those days and filled in some of what we had just dug out. Most were out of electricity for 2 days. We were lucky and it just flickered. By Wednesday I was ready to go. I packed the kids in Chris's truck, cuz my car was just no match for the roads. By the time I got done with work, the weather was warm and the snow was melting. Our culdesac seemed easily manuverable in the truck with just slush. So on Thursday when I tried taking my car, I totally forgot about the cold temps freezing everything and with my car being lower than the truck I totally got stuck in my driveway and had to have Chris get me out. In the mean time, we hosted the Solem girls for a few days. So I had my taste of getting 4 kids ready for school. Everything went great. Of course it helped that Chris wasn't working this past Thursday or Friday. But all of the kids were great and I could still see myself with more kids. Last evening Isaac wanted to go for a walk. It had been nice earlier in the day and I figured we should go before the next storm comes. Yeah--we missed that. We didn't get vary far cuz the wind and cold had already set in. Other than that we didn't get the expected weather last night, but we are in a blizzard right now. No school. Interstates are all closed. I don't know exactly how much snow we are going to get during the week, but travel to MN over Isaac's spring break looks bleak.

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