Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop. ~G.M. Weilacher

Chris has returned from his minivacation in Montana. He and Kevin went snowboarding for a few days while I stayed here with the kids. We took in some youth hockey, which the kids totaly enjoyed. While Chris was gone the weather was warm and snowy. Now its just warm, sunshine and 60's. It makes me feel more productive. We walked to pick up Ike from school and the kids got to ride bikes while I did a mimimal amount of yard work. Well I had a reason to blog, but it totally escapes me at the moment so I am just going to say Hi to everyone and blog again later. OH I would like to add that last night at book reading time Ike picked out a Dr. Seuss book, because it was his birthday yesterday. He picked out Green Eggs and Ham. I started reading and he stopped me cuz he wanted to do it. He read the first 25 pages all by himself!! I was so proud of him! It was amazing. Zoey, as we all know, needs to keep up with her brother, so she read a little too. We would point at the words and mostly she would repeat after me, but she did read "I" and "a" and once in while got an appropriate "me"or "in" by total coincodence I am sure. She always feels so bad if she is not totally, absolutely the point of attention in the same way that Ike is. But she does well too. She has a Tinker book with a kalidoscope picture thing to go with it and she appropriatly matches up the numbers to follow along with the story.

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