Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I had my way I'd make health catching instead of disease. ~Robert Ingersoll

Athletic Training month is here again. This year has been a very different year for me in terms of athletic training. I believe that I am still promoting health care for life and sport, but it is in a different way now. I have not covered any events since last May, however, I am giving a coaches academy on Wednesday. I will be providing pre and post event massage therapy at the 5 Feet Don't Fail Me Now races here in Gillette that will take place over the summer. This past week I had a booth at a health fair to promote personal training and massage therapy to those who had just gotten their wellness results back. Please remember that personal trainers and athletic trainers are not the same type of professional, but both are beneficial in their field of training.
In other words of health and wellness, I got Zoey a braclet to help her with her writing. She is 4 and still does not have a pencil grip yet. Most kids have this between 3 and 4, but she still holds it like a stick. Angie was over last night, I asked her about it and she whipped up this slick braclet. It was fabulous and because it came from her--Zoey loves it and uses it. Also this coming week the kids will start soccer. Bring on the Spring weather!
In kid news today we were sitting at the kitchen table coloring and Zoey starts talking about writing an essay. She starts writing on her paper and is going on about how she is going to be a good girl and not fight with momma or daddy or Isaac and keeps going on that she is not going to fight with all of the characters of Sponge Bob either. So I am wondering about this whole essay thing. How does a 4 year-old know of such things? Sponge Bob Square Pants. Yes, he had to write an essay for boating school and now she is writing an essay because she did not get her own ice cream after church today. I did not mean to imply that I had her write the essay, that part she did all on her own. But it was interesting hearing her go on and on about the S A S A S A.

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