Monday, March 12, 2007

Couldn't stay way too long

Anyway, we have moved about 80% of our belongings to the house. We have no furniture in the house except for the spare bed and a bean bag. I keep telling Chris to move the couch out of storage and into our bedroom (he is still working on the flooring). But having a couch will not keep either one of us on task. New carpet has been laid in the bedroom, walls have been painted (some twice as I couldn't quite pick the right color) and Chris has most of the floor laid that we are putting in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Boxes galore! But it is coming together nicely. We took a walk yesterday down by the river. It was very nice. Isaac was the leader (got me stuck in some bushes once) but did a good job over all. He was telling me the rules as we have told him several times that he needs an adult to walk on the trails with. He tells me I need 2 or 3 partners . The kids were exhausted this weekend. Yesterday naps unfortunately went to the wayside and Ike took two walks, plus the time change. This morning he told me it was still nite nite time. He was still sleeping. Last Friday he was so tired that when I got him up for preschool he said he just needed a short nap first. Nap time is at 1pm sharp, not 6:30 am sweetie.

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