Tuesday, March 27, 2007


No pictures today. You all will just have to wait. Plus it has been raining and whatnot. We are plugging away at the house in hopes to have everything done before April 5 when our first guests arrive.
Isaac and Zoey are growing so much. They play pretty well together most of the time. Today they cooperated very well which was fun to watch. However, I accidentally started a fight that I wasn't sure I could fix. I had asked Isaac to put his lunch plate in the dishwasher and then let Sherman out. Well Zoey was by the door and Ike was busy so I also asked her to let Sherman out. One job for two kids doesn't quite add up. Zoey is a little talker and singer. Her favorite song is "the wheels on the bus go round and round", but likes to make up songs as she goes. Isaac is so proud of his projects at preschool. They are still learning letters, but he can spell all of his classmates names. This morning he was talking about a million (a lot) and I told him that was a pretty big number and eventually I asked him if he knew how to count to a million. So Zoey starts counting 1, 3, 4, 9, 99 as she always counts (which by the way 99 is her favorite number) and Isaac starts over trying to help her learn her numbers. He gets to 12 and then goes all out of order. He says when you count to a million you don't have to count in order. Who knew?
My job is still going well. Next year they are going to open a new high school, so everyone is gearing up for that. This year we had 2 JV teams in most sports this year to help support the split for next year. I haven't had the chance yet to see the new training room over there, but I am sure new is very nice. Hopfully by the end of May I will now which school I will be working at next year.


CarolSue said...

Love the updates, Jara! One of Josie's fav songs is "wheels on the bus," too. Catchy little ditty. :)

Meg said...

Once again, Carol and I are of the same mind. I love reading the news Jara! Congrats on the new furniture too -- Jean just bought a bunch of new stuff from Ikea which meant she could FINALLY throw out (read: burn!) the dresser she bought for $1 at a garage sale like 6 years ago.