Thursday, March 15, 2007

Its such a nice sunny day!

We are getting so close to making our house a home. Chris has finished the flooring and will start on the walls next. I don't expect that to take to long. He had better wire the house for Dish Network tonight though. I am getting VERY frustrated about that. However, last night I did not unpack, clean or scrub. I sat on my couch and watched a movie. Can you believe it? I haven't seen that couch since August 11, 2006. We are officially out of the storage unit and still have more to move from the apartment, but hope to be fully out of that by Sunday.

Isaac and Zoey are having so much fun going outside to play. Its still a little muddy, but he likes to run around the house. This morning he found a pail and shovel (for sand) and started scooping the snow. I am trying to convince Zoey that she should be potty trained, so we tried the pull ups again this morning. No luck. She did use the potty once, but felt she needed a new pull up. After that she decided that pull ups and diapers are the same anyway. So now I am seriously thinking on just getting her some real underwear so she can tell the difference. We'll see.

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