Sunday, March 4, 2007

Good Bye Little Box

Tomarrow not only will I become a home owner, but I will have a place to call home! This little box of mine was only intended to be temporary space to put our stuff while we looked for a home. It did provide us that (well actually most of our stuff is in storage), but nothing more. Notice no windows, no couch, no dining room set, however, we did have three chairs to sit our family of 4 at. Unfortuantely you cannot see Zoey's zebra behind the kitchen chairs. I took this picture on the day the realtor came so most of the toys have miraculously found a space other than the walkways. I probably will not take pictures of our new house until we are mostly moved in as we are going to do some work on it before we move out of the apartment.
Zoey: Favorite saying "I WANT IT NOW!" (often times followed by a time out)
We have come to watch deal or no deal and she really likes the "No Deal" very cute when she says it, but never Deal.
Favorite foods: Cheese and crackers not always together, but she could eat either all the time.
The other day I dropped her off at daycare and talked for a while with her teacher. They are so amazed with her. She is very sassy for them as well, but shows great ability to create both 2D and 3D geometrical creations. She finds patterns very easily. Acording to her teacher she should be good at math and will need much guidance.
Isaac:This little jokester likes to throw snowballs, play in the snow, run really fast and be my helper. He can write most of his letters and actually enjoys learning. If there is a letter he does not know or needs practice at he has me dot it out so that he can trace it. Next year I cannot believe he will be five! He will just miss the cut off for kindergarden so I will send him to pre-K. He has started the book it program where you read books for Pizza Hut pizza.

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