Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well we are fully in the process of moving. All week we have been going back and forth beteween the apartment and the house. Not much news, but I think this will be the last blog until we get the internet switched over. So I sent a not so pretty picture of the work we are doing. We have pulled up the carpet and started to paint. Hopefully today we will get a majority of our stuff over there and sleep there tonight. The flooring and walls are going slowly but surely. And don't laugh even though Ike appears to look like Napolean Dynamite with those boots on. The weather has been very warm here. Melting the snow during the day and creating thick ice on our driveway at night. I have also included a picture I took from our deck. The fog had actually lifted (which it doesn't do very often) and you could see the mountains. I realized this after I was working in the house, noticed it was a little dark. I now have windows so I opened all the blinds, opened all the windows--got cold and closed them all.

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