Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Sherman Boof Soost July 1995 to August 31,2009

When Chris and I were in college, he told me he wanted a puppy. A beagle, cuz they have energy.
Little did I know how much energy!!! Even in his last days when he couldn't get around so well he kept pacing the house and trying to go up and down the stairs. He just would not sit still!!
I took a trip to the place where he was born and looked at the two or three litters of beagle pups they had and was impressed. Two weeks later, without telling Chris where we were going, we went to go pick him out. It was a tough decision, but Sherman was the one.
When we brought him home he was so small that he could not go up the stairs by himself and when we went for walks he could only go short distances. However, that doesn't mean that he couldn't run fast or came when you called him. Often times we would have to open a car door and say "let's go for a ride" to get hold of him.
He attended many a college party and fit right in!!

Always finding trouble, he never changed a bit in his 14 years. Chris even gave him a beer on his last night.

Sherman was my first baby. Anytime we would travel we would have to pack his leash, his food, his toys and of course his sweaters.

Sherman had many fears. Lighting/thunder, cameras, cats (except Shadow), dogs smaller than him (but not great danes or rotwielers),guns, water and a huge case of seperation anxiety. However, that last one got him in the water a few times and here he is on the knee board. Wherever Chris is Sherman is not far behind.

He would never just sit to be petted, but always by your head, or in your face. This is the same couch he kept running on when he called 911 and the cops actually showed up at our door! Lets not foreget all the wierd stuff he ate-- and I don't mean the chewing of the wallpaper, the leather, the coffee table or my contacts when he was a pup in the chewing stage. But the fake snow he would lick off the windows at christmas time or the shaving razors in the bathroom or the christmas lights we put up. If anyone prepared us to child proof our home--it was him!!

Sherman was a little wierd at times like the way he would stare at me when I would wash the dishes. But he was great company when Chris would go hunting or when we were moving. With the exception of the last couple years, he always slept in our bed and while at times he may have kept my feet warm, he was a bed hog for being so little. He did prefer to have his head on the pillow and covered with the blankets.

He held a large spot in our hearts. Our house will not feel the same without him. My pictures are old, but he had been with us so long. We only moved to places where he could live and probably wouldn't have met many of our friends without him.


Carol said...

Aw, Jara... that post was one the sweetest things I've ever read. What an awesome "obituary" for Sherman. He will be very missed, but what a great life you shared with him.

Rebecca said...

Oh man, Jara, I'm sorry! I just read that Sherman is gone...I totally remember being in Dexter with him and Chris letting him drink beer. Good times!

He had a great life...will be missed!