Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Holy Smokes

Yep, we are kinda in a fire zone. I personally have not seen the fires, nor are we being evacuated, but the smoke we have here is amazing or something. Its kinda like a stinky fog.
Well I am back to work, with meetings and politics and trying to put together a new training room. No ice machine, no coolers for water and the football players get to run in the smoke. We are still working out my schedule for this coming school year. Much negotiation.
On Saturday we went to Glacier National Park and drove up to Logan's Pass. From there we hiked to the Hiden Lake. It was a pretty cool hike (not so much the weather, but the hike). There was very little snow left, but of course the boys slid down it on their tummies. Isaac got cold and started crying about half way down.
Sunday I worked on getting my house back in order after being gone. Getting reaquainted with my house again. My one and only house plant died while I was gone. The kids have been swimming in the river almost everyday. Isaac will tell me he has a plan and it usually includes swimming at the river. Yesterday we baked some cut out peanut butter cookies. Both the kids enjoyed that.

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