Friday, August 3, 2007

Rain Rain Come Again

All day it has felt like rain. I wish we would get a good hard rain, well actually a thunderstorm, but the lightening would be bad right now. It actually sprinkled for a minute today, but not enough to calm the smoke.

My kids are growing up so stinkin fast. It is amazing to see them so big, but sad to see my babies go. Zoey is getting so tall and with her hair in a pony tail and dressed up for day care with her back pack on her back, she looks like she is ready for school. She can put on her own shoes, buckle her car seat and is mostly potty trained. These pictures were taken a year apart. She is such a determined little girl and knows exactly what she wants. She still doesn't sleep. No naps the last two days. Her hair has grown from just barely having a plume for a pony on the top of her head to me being able to french braid it. Not sure this is good public information, but she WONT use a portapotty when needed. We had some trouble at Kyle's baseball game again, very strong minded.

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